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Second-hand Audi A3 Cars For Sale in the UK

The A3 premium hatchback has been an incredible sales success. While Audi has been busy with the new baby hatch the A2, the A3 has received a mild make-over and some technical tweaks to keep it at the top of the hatchback hierarchy. Exterior revisions are minor, with detail changes to the lights and grille, inside the changes include better quality materials and more kit. The revised A3 also features a new 130bhp 1.9TDi PD engine that offers GTi-like performance. Standard equipment remains very high and the quality is superb, though back seat passengers may find space at a premium. Reworked suspension settings contribute to a better driving experience than that offered by the previous model, with Audi’s Electronic Stability Programme now standard across the whole model range. The A3 was one of the trend-setters in the premium hatchback category offering style and prestige in a compact package. Its success hasn’t gone unnoticed, it now facing stiff competition from the recently introduced Alfa 147 and forthcoming BMW Compact and Mercedes C-Class Sport Coupe

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