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Second-Hand Audi A3 Cars For Sale in Stockport

Impeccable quality and a discreetly classy image are A3’s real attractions. Style and substance are given in the premium small family hatchback niche. Engineering excellence is guaranteed thanks to the Audi badge and technology. Suspension set-up gives excellent driving responses at the expense of a firm ride. The interior is perhaps best-in-class, with excellent seats and quality materials. The new Audi A3 is very obviously an evolution of the original. One of the chief appeals of the old A3 was its construction quality, and none of that has been lost in the new car, the doors make the right sounds when shut, and the interior fittings are finely crafted. The A3 has always enjoyed a reputation for being a cut above, and this new model is likely to reinforce that impression. The previous model remained in demand to the end, confirming the A3’s desirability. Used the search box on the left to search for used Audi A3 cars for sale in Manchester.

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